Hello & thank you for your interest in Vivid Visions Photo- Graphics and considering our wedding photography services. We know that each wedding celebration is as unique as the couple committing their lives to each other, and we are ready to customize any signature selection to fit your needs.

I am a wedding photographer because I am passionate about capturing the images that tell the story, and I never pass up a romantic love story. What is more romantic than two people pledging themselves to one another?

Your  wedding day is truly a milestone for you and your families.  On this day you will gather your loved ones to celebrate as you join two families to create a new one.  On this day, you will find so many moments to treasure. And on this of all days you will wish to keep those treasured moments vivid in your heart as you travel through life’s journey together.

Vivid Visions Photo will capture the images that tell YOUR story with wedding photography coverage that combines the best of photojournalism and formal location portraiture.  Our images will find the people you love, the details you carefully considered and the oh-so-fleeting moments, so that you can relive your special day whenever you wish, be it one year from now, or 50.

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