Portrait-noun-a likeness of a person, esp. of the face, as a painting, drawing, or photograph: a gallery of family portraits.

Judy’s love of portraiture was formed before she even knew what the word meant. As a child, she would grab any camera she could find around the house and try to capture candids of any living thing crossing her path. Everyone found themselves in the viewfinder at some point. This documentation of her childhood, through her own eyes, evolved as she developed as a photographer to give her a sensibility and sensitivity to create engaging portraits that capture the essence of her subjects.

Today, Judy still revels in the act of photography–capturing that once in a lifetime moment to recall it and reflect upon it later.  Sometimes it’s just a photo of a six-year-old in his Sunday best showing a toothless grin for Gramma and Aunt Kathy to carry around in their wallets.  But so often it is quietly observing while your family does what it does, and capturing the candid moments that really tell your family’s story. These are the images that make your heart skip each time you see them as they decorate your home and office.

Vivid Visions photography sessions are held on location either with the portable studio and backdrop or in the environment you are most at ease.

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