Lauren & Josh-Engaged!

Lauren & Josh-Engaged!

Whenever possible I offer wedding clients an engagement photo session. It allows all of us to get to know each other better. They become more comfortable with me, and I have a better understanding of how they respond in front of the camera. By the time the wedding day arrives, we’re like old friends-and that shows in the photos!

I had a great day with Lauren & Josh. Although it was late January, the temperatures were near 60 degrees on Long Island’s South Shore. The sun was shining and the wind was calm-let’s hope the weather is that lovely on their September wedding day!

Here are some of my favorites:

Baby Chicks and Little Girls

Baby Chicks and Little Girls

It’s time to shake off the sluggishness of winter and get ready to welcome spring to our corner of the world! What better way than gathering some precious babies-gorgeous little girls who met some baby chicks for the first time. I’m so glad their mom invited me to capture the moment! Check it out-Baby Chicks and Little Girls:

Should Your Photographer Be A Specialist?

This question comes up often, especially at trade shows, workshops and conferences and photographers try to figure out how to market their services. Should a photographer specialize? Or advertise as a Jack/Jane of All Trades? The general consensus among the pros is to advertise a specialty. I agree, but from a potential client’s perspective,  I also say, it is important to have diversified experience. This is especially true of wedding and special event photographers.

First, let me be clear. Wedding photography is a very specialized field. In order to do it properly, a photographer needs at least one full set of back-up gear, and know how to use that gear with her eyes closed-literally! I don’t recommend asking a friend with a camera to capture your wedding photos, unless that friend is a wedding photographer.Your photos will be the only record you will have of this very important day. Do you really want to leave that job to an amateur or novice?

But that pro/amateur issue aside, a wedding photographer has to be ready to capture anything that is noteworthy. So, there is some photo-journalism-for the candids, portraiture for the formals, architectural for the church and reception, fine art for the details (rings, invitations, flowers, place settings, etc.), food photography for the banquet, and if there are kids and pets, well you get my drift.

On paper that seems like an  easy task. But bear in mind that each specialty requires a different skill set, and often different gear. The candids need someone who can capture motion-and emotion-that is properly exposed and isn’t blurry from a shutter speed that is too slow. The portraits needs someone who can pose a subject to make them look their best. The church and reception locations so carefully decorated need to be captured with the right perspsective and of course the right light–no flash glaring from the window or a mirror, please. The details such as the rings, the invitation, the lace on a gown, and other little details require an eye for composition and lighting that only a fine art photographer understands well.  And of course if there are energetic kids and pets-knowing the decisive moment to snap the shutter spells the difference between a great shot and none at all.

So, when you are considering a photographer, certainly seek out a specialist, but make sure that the one you choose can also deliver the other specialties, too.

Family Holiday Photo Session

Family Holiday Photo Session

I met the Breuer family in 2009 when we scrambled to find a date for Ron & Eileen’s children and grandchildren to all be in one place at the same time for the family Christmas portrait.  They are a lovely family, with the beautiful little ones infusing the sitting with a joyful energy. I was delighted when they called me again for their 2010 portrait, and after wrangling a few schedules, we managed to squeeze in a session over the Thanksgiving weekend. Here are some of my favorite images:

Amelia in holiday dress-up. Does she know how precious she looks?

As lovely as the color version is, there is something so timeless about black and white photos.

Holiday photos are a perfect way to watch a family grow.

The whole gang-three generations of Breuers. What a challenge to get all the kids to smile at once!

Kids just look so natural and comfortable in poses on the floor.

Emmaline in her Christmas PJs--so cute!

We keep it fun and give the kids plenty of breaks-usually everyone is still smiling when we wrap it up too! Thank you, Ron & Eileen-it was wonderful see how everyone has grown! I hope we can make this an annual tradition!

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