Time Travel with Photography

Time Travel with Photography

The magic of photography is in an image’s ability to virtually transport the viewer to the time and place when it was first captured, and the exceptional photos are those that also allow the viewer to glimpse into the soul of the subject. I started on my photography journey at a young age—with my sister’s Polaroid, and every time I snapped the shutter I was trying to capture the essence of the subject of my image so it would become a keepsake of that moment frozen in time. I wanted to be able to look at my favorite photos later and remember as vividly as possible the captured scene.

As a professional photographer, I know that a photograph that takes the viewer back in time will evoke the emotions of the day it was captured, and allow for hopefully a pleasant stroll down memory lane.  But as I recently was reviewing my own archive of images, I was taken by surprise at just how much of an impact such photos can have. And it reinforced for me just how important it is to preserve in photographs not only the milestones in life, but the little things that make up the fabric of that life too.

I’d like to share some snapshots of scenes that make up the fabric of our life here at the Viv Pix home. Our favorite images are of our dear pets. Some have gone to wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge, and others are now senior citizens who don’t have the strength to frolic like they used to. But these shots certainly make me smile as they take me back to a time when they did.

Little Spook up a tree–she loved to climb anything–trees, ladders–often ending up on the roof calling for rescue.

Spooky in Tree

And Hogan, still a swimmer, will go anywhere to retrieve a stick, especially if he has to swim for it.  In his prime, he would leave quite a wake!

Hogan swimming at Bailies Beach

And as badly a Boris wanted to steal the stick from Hogan, the last thing he wanted to do was actually swim! Wading was ok, but absolutely no swimming!  That’s why we gave him the nickname “Coast Guard.”

Boris Coast Guard

I’d like to emphasize that although these are not the best for captures for many technical reasons, they are among my favorites. Yes there is a time to call upon the pros to capture images of life’s milestones, no matter how humble, and you will be very glad you hired a photographer for those moments.  But don’t allow yourself to miss these little moments so fleeting, but as time goes by, so precious too.

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