Behind the Lens

Judy McCleery

There has always been something magical about photography.  In the days of film, you would wait in the darkroom as the image appeared literally before your eyes in the developer.  But painting with light is really about the moment captured in time.

A life well lived will present many unforgettable moments that we wish to keep as vivid in our memories as possible. But life gets in the way, and memories start to fade. A photograph allows us to capture that moment and bottle it, so we can go back to relive it as often as we would like.  That’s where the magic lies. An image casts a spell that evokes emotions and memories, and even spurs people to action.

I have always loved magic.

From an early age, photography has fascinated me. I took pictures of everyone and everything. As an adult I harnessed this fascination, honed my skills, refined my talent, and people took notice. I am delighted that people appreciate my work, but photography is a very personal endeavor, and I would be a photographer even if no one noticed.

Thank heavens they do notice.

I love my husband Arthur, my dogs, Wilson and Hogan, black labs, both, and our cat, Casey. My favorite sport is alpine skiing, and I love driving my VW Jetta. I am always ready for a laugh, and I love corny jokes. I am captivated by the songbirds and other wildlife that come to our backyard feeder, and a beautiful garden will bring a tear to my eye.

I love music, especially Britpop like the Beatles and Squeeze, but add the Monkees and anything from the 80s and I’m a toe-tapping fool.

Most importantly, I am an optimist and a firm believer in kindness. Conan O’Brien said publicly what I have been saying for years, privately, “work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen.”

Indeed they do.

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